The advantages of moving with a longboard/skateboard

Or: Why all runners should do pushing


The invention of the wheel has enabled humans to travel longer distances more quickly and in a power-saving way. As finds from the past show this happened even prior to the use of domesticated horses for the purpose of riding and can be considered a revolution in moving. In addition to running the use of carts and carriages is probably the most original, simple and most natural way of moving (due to the at least partial use of renewable resources and the simple way of using the power of animals or man himself).


As we all know, the skateboard did not evolve out of four-wheeled carts, but was first invented by surfers with the use of wheels on surfboards. And it is exactly this influence from the field of surfing (where flat boards are used for riding the waves) in combination with wheels necessary for moving on land which make a skateboard the most interesting, most varied and most useful of all wheel-powered means of movement. Thus it has the potential to once again revolutionize the transportation on wheels in our present time. The unique surfy feeling while gliding on the board in an upright position can not be achieved with inline skates, roller skates, scooters or skikes. 

In addition your feet have the possibility to make a direct and safe contact with the ground at any time.


Another important aspect which separates the movement with a longboard is the aspect of pushing. When performed correctly pushing the board has a lot in common with the movement of running. Regarding the anatomy our bodies are best suited for endurance running. The natural movement of the body while running can be supplemented by the additional use of a longboard in an ideal way. Distance Skateboarding is the perfect mode of transportation for runners. Compared with jogging this will make it possible to travel longer distances while getting less tired and ChiPushing when executed slowly is the ideal regeneration unit between intensive running sessions. As one foot is always on the board, the frequency of the ground contact of the feet is reduced and the movement of pushing with both legs can be performed relatively slow. This advantage of ChiPushing can of course be a benefit for ambitious distance skaters, too.


Depending on the type of execution pushing in distance-skating will also allow a workout that is in its intensity comparable to jogging. With additional pumping of the board such a unit can be even more intense than jogging. As a conclusion it can be said that Long Distance Pushing will bring the same advantages to the body in terms of health and the positive impact on the heart and blood circulation as running would. This is especially true if, as it is done in ChiPushing, both legs are used alternately. I can confirm this statement from my own experience, because I am not only a skater, but a runner as well.


Finally, an advantage of a longboard compared to other means of transport is that you can freely select and combine the method of moving (pushing with the left and right leg or pumping in different ways). This makes it possible to use different muscle groups without burdening one part excessively. This freedom can not be achieved if the wheels are firmly attached to the feet and certainly not by cycling. Although a bike may have the advantage that it can move very quickly on level ground or while going uphill. However, since the body is bend forward while sitting on the bike it will often lead to tensions in the neck and the constant pressure of the saddle between the legs is also annoying in the long run.


Using the right technique together with the Chi (our bodies inner energy) for pushing renders traveling with a skateboard or longboard a holistic and sound alternative compared to other means of transport operated with human body power.