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Amuri Z-Trek: Huaraches (Barefoot-Sandals) for ChiPushing and Skogging

Xero Shoes running walking hiking sandals

These are my favorite sandals that allow me to have the natural barefoot-feel when ChiSkogging without actually being barefoot. This way I can protect my feet and don´t have to worry about stepping onto something lying on the ground during faster pushing sessions.


You can read more about them in my review on Skatefurther.com:

Amuri Z-Trek Barefoot Sandals from Xeroshoes

Magical Shoes for ChiPushing and Skogging

Check out these very stylish minimalist running shoes. They are super flexible and comfortable. With these shoes your feet are protected while still enjoying the feeling of barefoot skogging. Also the best alternative to huaraches on colder days.

Their rubber sole seems to be just as durable as the sole of the Xero Shoe´s huaraches.