Yin Yang Skog

This is a way to skog that in my opinion merges the moving pattern of running with pushing the board in a very natural way. It fits very well into the ChiPushing principles and I call it the Yin Yang Skog. The more I practice it, the more addicting it becomes. :-) 


The deeper meaning of the the Yin Yang Skog:


Both feet touch the ground successively in an equal way, highlighting the "goofy" and "regular" pushing stances of skateboarding. In this movement they can be compared to the two forces of "yin" and "yang" which are likewise showing themselves in a steady change while laying a foundation for the switch to the other side. Only together they make everything really whole and balanced. This principle brought to pushing a skateboard manifests itself in skogging, which uses goofy and regular stances to create a way of truly stanceless skateboarding.